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I love the caps !!!! Finally, I will not leave the pool with a line drilled in across the top of my forehead because the bathing caps I have been wearing are too tight. I chose such pretty patterns..but most of all the caps are so cute..I just ordered 3 more. I will get many compliments at my aquafit class, and I will make sure to tell all who compliment me on my caps where I buy them.
Montreal, Quebec

This is the second time I have ordered a swimcap from Fran.  She goes above and beyond in providing exceptional communication and customer service in trying to provide the proper swimcap.  I have very long, thick hair and am unable to wear traditional store-bought models.  I initially ordered an XXL, which unfortunately was too small for me.  Fran promptly sent out an XXXL, which truly made my day. Thank you Fran!! 

White Plains, NY
U guys are the greatest!! Wow! Response time, unbelievable in the time we live n today. Watch out for future orders. I have friends and family who will need your product, and when I show off the fanciness of them, hoping to get u more orders. Thanks again!!!!!!
I'm a new, HUGE fan of your swim caps. I discovered lycra caps about a year ago, but your XL caps fit me perfectly and look great too!
Got the caps today, and they are perfect! Thank you so much for your speedy service.
Other Uses For Our Swim Caps

A couple pictures from Halloween when we used your XXL swim caps to cover our helmets. We went to a real roller derby bout this weekend and they use lycra swim caps with a star on them to identify the jammers and a stripe on them to identify the pivots. It was very interesting. Emily, MN

Custom made "Dezzi Cap" for my good friends poodle. Fran worked with us to get the sizing right and it turned out perfect. It's pretty adorable if I do say so myself. Now her hair will stay out of her eyes while she's swimming.

The caps look great and worked perfectly! Thanks so much for getting them to me so QUICKLY!! Here are a few photos of me wearing one at the show in China . Aaron, Florida

Do you know what a creeper is? The little flat benches on wheels that slide under cars so you can work on them. I use a creeper to get underneath my boat to wax it. You just can't get on a creeper with hair loose, it will wrap up in the wheels and you won't be able to move. Not that I wax my boat that often, but your caps are perfect for doing this! Thanks

Hollie, OH

My daughter has a disorder called Trichotillomania.  This disorder causes her to pull her hair.  she is only 3 and it's very hard to keep her from pulling especially at night which is the main time when she feels the urge.  I've tried everything to help her.  I started out with an actual waterproof swim cap but it made her head too hot and was uncomfortable for her to wear all night.  Then I found your caps.  She loves the fun colors and designs and they are comfortable enough for her to wear all night.  We don't have to fight to get her to put her cap on at bedtime anymore, and it seems to be helping her to keep her hands out of her hair.

Thank you so much!

K.N., Oklahoma

For nightime comfort, instead of tying my hair up with a silk scarf before bedtime, I use one of Fran's swim caps to help keep my hair from drying out causing breakage. At the same time it lets my scalp & hair breathe. It should work with locks, weaves, braids & probably extensions. Thank you Fran for a great cap. Tammy, Topeka

This was purchased for my husband (who was blessed with a huge watermelon head) to use at night with his CPAP machine. It does a great job of controlling his longer hair while he wears a full face mask, and he finds it to be very comfortable to sleep in all night. The extra large size was perfect for his extra large head. Sarah, UT

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