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Swimcaps by Fran - Testimonials
This is the second time I have ordered a swimcap from Fran.  She goes above and beyond in providing exceptional communication and customer service in trying to provide the proper swimcap.  I have very long, thick hair and am unable to wear traditional store-bought models.  I initially ordered an XXL, which unfortunately was too small for me.  Fran promptly sent out an XXXL, which truly made my day. Thank you Fran!! 
White Plains, NY
Just wanted to thank you for the great service. I love the cap! Thanks!
I received my swim cap. It fits well and I like it ! The last time I ordered swim caps from Speedo (nylon caps...not silicone), they were smaller and tighter even though marked with the same size as previous orders. I'm glad to find your company and excellent swim caps!

Excellent swim cap! Lycra material is easy to wash & dry, fits snugly & keeps much of my hair dry, better than most caps. And XL size accommodated my medium-longish hair well. Nice charcoal color too, bravo!

I’m excited to be going on a swimming holiday on an island off the Dalmatian coast, on which every swimmer must wear a brightly coloured cap for safety reasons. Latex/rubber swimming caps are horribly tight on me because I have a pumpkin head - I’m very happy to have found your very comfortable and functional alternative.
We love your swim caps so much, we’re back for more. My husband used his at the YMCA pool about twice a week. He’s worn it out. The smaller one I ordered is for me :) We also recommended your caps to a neighbor!

The caps came today. The blue one (large) fit perfectly and he loved it. The red one (xl) is a little loose but he says he will wear it for visibility when he swims across the pond. Thank you so much for your help in selecting and for the wonderful swim caps!!

They arrived yesterday, the coral is awesome, I wanted it to be very visible when I swim in the lake and, if I'm lucky this winter, in the ocean. That purple one I bought from you last year faded dramatically when, after many months of wearing it, they did something to the water in the normally salt pool. It was pretty funny, it was still bright purple when I went in the water but pale pink when I got out. Whatever they did, they've since rectified it. It's still in fine shape.

Again I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with your Company. Fantastic communications, and you go to great lengths to give the very very best service. A credit to your Country. Thank you Fran

Karen W.
United Kingdom

Hi, Fran. I wanted to let you know that the swimcap fit my daughter comfortably and she said it was pretty. Thank you so much again for customizing the size; the height was perfect. I think we can use it beyond this year as well. Have a great day!

Thanks a lot! We got the delivery yesterday and after opening the envelope we couldn't get my daughter to take off the cap! She loved it and it fitted her perfectly. It was so great to see her joy! It is so hard to find accessories like this in her size not being childish (she is nine and it is a sensitive age).
So, many thanks for the cap, and even more for your personal involvement! I really appreciate it!
I love this cap sooooo much! I have been swimming for 35 years. I no longer feel the need for competition caps but do desire that my hair be kept out of my face and not snagged by goggles. I also appreciate the loose but secure fit as it neither leaves marks nor headaches.

Hello Fran!   I barefoot water ski and the cap keeps my hair from getting in the goggle straps. I also use them windsurfing because they keep my hair from blowing in my eyes. My sister does a lot of scuba diving and when she saw my cap on she asked Where did you get that cap? Where can I get some?


For nightime comfort, instead of tying my hair up with a silk scarf before bedtime, I use one of Fran's swim caps to help keep my hair from drying out and breakage. At the same time it lets my scalp & hair breathe. It should work with locks, weaves, braids & probably extensions. Thank you Fran for a great cap.


Received my first Swimcaps by Fran swim cap today. Looks Great, & fits perfectly! Thanks bunches for filling a need for an alternative swim cap.

Margie, TN

My daughter has a disorder called Trichotillomania.  This disorder causes her to pull her hair.  she is only 3 and it's very hard to keep her from pulling especially at night which is the main time when she feels the urge.  I've tried everything to help her.  I started out with an actual waterproof swim cap but it made her head too hot and was uncomfortable for her to wear all night.  Then I found your caps.  She loves the fun colors and designs and they are comfortable enough for her to wear all night.  We don't have to fight to get her to put her cap on at bedtime anymore, and it seems to be helping her to keep her hands out of her hair. Thank you so much!

K.N., Oklahoma

Do you know what a creeper is? The little flat benches on wheels that slide under cars so you can work on them. I use a creeper to get underneath my boat to wax it. You just can't get on a creeper with hair loose, it will wrap up in the wheels and you won't be able to move. Not that I wax my boat that often, but your caps are perfect for doing this! Thanks

Hollie, OH

I got my caps and have worn them twice now they fit great and are really cute! Thanks a bunch

Terri, NY

Dear Fran,

I am thrilled with my XXXL swim cap; it fits just right.  Fran, I am so happy I found your website.  It is unlike any other and I did a thorough search for a swim cap that would fit.  My head seems to be somewhat larger than most.  The personal service you gave me even surpassed what I would expect from a retail store.  When you shop at Swim Caps by Fran, you deal directly with "Fran."  Who says you can't get good old-fashioned customer service anymore, least of all places, the internet?

Riva, NY

I would like to thank you for offering XL swim caps.  I received my cap on Saturday and used it Monday and today.  It was exactly what I wanted.  The cap fits over my long hair and does not damage it.  I have already recommended you website to one of my students.  Thank you again for offering a great product.

Kathy, IN

Just placed my order. LOVE your caps for my daughter. She wears them to bed as well! Great fit :)

Lynn, NC

I've been struggling with swim caps my whole life...and then I discovered Fran's swim caps! These are a dream come true for me! The fit (that's a first for me!), they don't rip out my hair (that's another first for me!), and they come in all colors and patterns (that's another first for me!!). I highly recommend these caps for anyone who is fed up with the rubbery ones that are better at REMOVING hair than protecting it!


Dear Fran, I love my "Francap" and I just purchased another one. It's so much better than any swim cap I have had in the past. Thank you for your wonderful product and for all your personal assistance. I will be spreading the word!

Phyllis, AL

I ordered a swim cap for my 5 year old daughter a few weeks ago. She received it and wore it in a swim competition on Wednesday. She loved it so much and everyone was asking where we got it. There was a photographer there for a local website and she took a picture of my daughter while competing. I thought you’d like to see it being used.

Marilyn, NJ

Just bought 3 toddler caps and my kids tried them out today! Perfect in every way! Love them!

Christina, PA
Well, first of all, African American guy with DREADS that hang half-way down my back. Normally, frustrated with swimming cause the dreads become very heavy especially when tied in a bun. I searched Academy and other stores trying to find swim caps that would not only fit over my head but comfortably as well(never liked the restrictive rub of latex). After coming across this website and speaking to FRAN (I believe), I purchased an EXTRA EXTRA LARGE CAP. Well, I must admit, this is absolutely one of my favorite discoveries. The CAP is perfect. I swim now without the tug and weight of waterlogged dreads. And it is so comfortable. Extremely easy to put on and take off. From active play or just lounging, the CAP remains on. I want to tell all DREADLOCKED people how awesome this cap is, and it works. Being an artist, I just wish there were more fun selections for men. Lol. Thanks FRAN. Elton, TX

"I LOVE your lycra swim caps. My old latex cap was impossible to put on without help, and then it would slip and slide and pull on my hair. I would swim a lap and then adjust and readjust the latex cap. Your lycra swim cap is easy to put on and STAYS in place through my laps -- I hardly know it's on my head. Thanks, Fran for making my swim more enjoyable!

Bev, Tennessee

I am very pleased with the cap. I am not wearing it while swimming but rather doing water workouts. I will be listening to a waterproof MP3 player (under the cap) and this is lycra cap is so much better than the silicone Speedo cap I had previously tried and had to return. I will definitely use your company again!

Denise, Illinois

My daughter LOVES her swim cap, and it was a huge hit at swimming lessons. People were asking for your website, and I told them to google "swim caps by fran," but, do you have cards with your website? If so, send some our way and I'll be happy to give them out.

Chris, New Jersey

My four year old wears the fish pattern cap when swimming outdoors– primarily because we try to shield her scalp from the strong sun here in Colorado and in the beaches worldwide that we visit. She loves how easy this is to get on and off and thinks the patterns are fun. Plus she likes how it keeps her hair out of her eyes. Thanks !

Brigid, CO

I have been spreading the word among friends about the wonderful caps and fast service from you.

Lari, United Kingdom

We got the swim caps a few days ago. They are so beautiful and unique! Thanks for your wonderful products.

Elizabeth, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you. When I got home from work on Friday my swim caps were waiting for me. I was so surprised that they got here so quick. They fit just fine, I’ve already tested them out in the pool with no problems. Fantastic. You are my fairy godmother.

Lorraine, United Kingdom

I love the caps !!!! Finally, I will not leave the pool with a line drilled in across the top of my forehead because the bathing caps I have been wearing are too tight. I chose such pretty patterns..but most of all the caps are so cute..I just ordered 3 more. I will get many compliments at my aquafit class, and I will make sure to tell all who compliment me on my caps where I buy them.

Helaine, Montreal Quebec

Got the caps today, and they are perfect! Thank you so much for your speedy service.

Hannah, Utah

I'm a new, HUGE fan of your swim caps. I discovered lycra caps about a year ago, but your XL caps fit me perfectly and look great too!

Melissa, Texas

U guys are the greatest!! Wow! Response time, unbelievable in the time we live n today. Watch out for future orders. I have friends and family who will need your product, and when I show off the fanciness of them, hoping to get u more orders. Thanks again!!!!!!

Patricia, Indiana

We absolutely love your swim caps! Finally, a swim cap that keeps my 5 year old's hair out of her face but does not pull out her hair! It took some trial and error, but the toddler size fits her the best. Now we have a toddler and child size for when she gets bigger! Thank you Fran!

Sheelagh, Texas

I wanted to let you know that I received the swim caps you sent, and love them. I have gotten many compliments!

Emily, Michigan

Caps are beautiful! Thank you.

Gitty, New Jersey

Just wanted to say that your caps are excellent. I have shoulder length dreads and the XL fits perfectly.

Lynda, New York

Thanks So Much! I just love all the color choices for your swim cap line - they are "Esther Williams" Fabulous! So glamorous! I will be sure to come back to purchase more of the beautiful bright array of colors! Bravo! I will refer your wonderful product and website to friends and family members. Thanks Again!

Theresa, New York

I just wanted to say thanks for the great swim cap- my son needed a bald cap to be Captain Underpants for Halloween, and we couldn't find any that would fit him- it was his idea to search for a swim cap (he's 7)- it looks great- you could definitely market this cap as a bald cap- it was impossible to find a real one.

Deb, Connecticut

Cap is too cute, it arrived today, and upon opening the package my daughter smiled and said I love it - she then ran up to her bedroom. I went up there to find her putting on her swimsuit and her cap on (inside out) and then she proceeded to crawl under the covers and take a nap in it! Just woke and is still wearing it - Soccer in 30 minutes, will see if she wears it there! Love it thanks,

Claudine & Julia, New York

Just wanted to let you know that my daughters absolutely LOVE the swim caps! The latex and silicone caps caused major headaches, but these do not. Thanks!

Jane, OH

As I expected, I have received many many compliments from members in my AquaFit class on all the caps I wear to class. Ii have now referred potential clients to your website in the hopes of making them happy and in turn making you happy. Although I did enjoy being unique, it is time to share the love of Fran's swim caps. Good luck to you,and best holidays.

Helaine, Montreal Quebec

Received my hot pink XL swim cap several weeks ago. I wanted to tell you how much I like it. I have ordered over five swim caps from different places and makers. None of them fit. They would always give me a headache and pull my hair. The swim cap that you made fits me perfectly and I love the color and fabric. Thank you for making such an amazing product.

Amie, UT

Fran, So nice talking to you on the phone last week.  My cap arrived today and I absolutely love it!  Perfect size and I can't wait to dive in the pool!  Thank you for a great product.


I just received my swimcap and it is absolutely perfect!! I can’t wait to wear it on my Monday night aquafit class Thanks again!

The smaller size cap is definitely better, hair of course still gets wet but not all tangled. Also, good tip about using shower cap ("cheap motel type") and conditioner underneath. Good service, I'll recommend your site.

Our swim caps have arrived and they are just perfect.  Mine (black xxl) is the third one of these that I have had.  The first, I thought I lost, but it later turned up. It was great to have two, because those caps are the only ones that had ever fit big-headed me.  Last week, after our swim at the (indoor) municipal pool, my husband and I put our swimming stuff (including caps) out on our back deck to dry.  Bad mistake.  It was one of the first lovely, but windy, spring days here in Boston.  The caps blew away!  
I went right to your website to replace mine, and my husband admired the (xl) orange one.  So now we're both rocking your wonderful caps when we show up at Senior Lap Swim. Thank you so much for your great caps and quick service.