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Toddler Iridescent Striped Lycra Swim Cap
Toddler Iridescent Striped Lycra Swim Cap
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This toddler size iridescent striped lycra bathing cap is lightweight, easy to put on making it one of the most comfortable swim caps available. It keeps your hair out of your face but will not keep your hair dry. Please click on the photo to enlarge.

Features Benefits
Most Comfortable Swim Cap Available Is Very Easy To Put On & Take Off & Keeps Hair Out Of Your Face
Made From The Same Fabric As Swim Suits Very Gentle & Will Not Pull On The Hair
Latex Free Great Alternative For Latex Allergies
Wear Overnight As A Sleep Cap/Do-Rag Helps Maintain Wave Patterns In African American Hair & Prevents The Waves From Losing Their Pattern
Sized Smaller For Toddlers No Need To Worry About Size